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We are delighted to inform you that, our combined expertise of family run shipping company under different banners are of an astonishing 80 years.
Founded by the first generation by KAPAL CHEYABBA HASSAN an Indian Stevedoring Co., Hassan family shipping partners emerged from the fusion of four ship management families, , each contributing unique expertise acquired, collectively, in more than 80 years of hands-on spirit and passion.
Every single member of Hassan Family have contributed a unique, individual set of skills and competencies to the company. Beyond that, all of their professional efforts are backed by strong personalities who were successful in pushing the business forward. One among those individual was successful in presenting SALOG Tradeways.

SALOG TRADEWAYS PVT LTD is a company specialized in handling services such as stevedoring, iron ore and coal handling, providing warehouse services for storage of goods, handling project cargos, bulk products, air & ocean freight forwarding, steamer agency, transport contracting etc. SALOG Group began their journey as a shipping agency and further entered into marine services trade in the year 1936. This successful journey of 75 years has motivated us to be the best stevedoring service provider at present and also we’ll be able to maintain the in the future. The Company provides a range of material handling and we have been handling general cargos for many years. In the year 1983, we handled Cements up to 4, 25,000 tons for which we were awarded with Prestigious National Safety Award by then Shipping Minister Mr. Tivari. In addition we are also an expertise in handling coal vessels, iron ore and stevedoring process.



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Export and Import Merchant Export

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Custom House Agency.

Agents Transport.

Vessel Agency.

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Ship Brokering.


In the year 1936 KAPAL CHEYABBA HASSAN, Shesharkana House, Ullal, Mangalore, Karnataka, India was one of the best stevedores in the old Mangalore port anchorage. After him his son U. Hasanabba took over his work of stevedores contracting until the year 1970.
From 1981 onwards the work was continued by Hassan Family’s 3rd generation entrepreneur and having grown this company with tradition and foresighted skills to ensure it develops in leaps and bounds.
Having acquired the skills of handling man power and cargo which runs in his family from his grandfather has successfully piloted the company to its present stature. The family’s business acumen has ensured to maintain professionalism with highly skilled Foreman’s, Supervisors and Thandals. We are also well equipped with Heavy Lifts, Tippers & Loaders etc. Earlier under our Management had 225 laborers among them - there were Winch Men, Hatch Worker, Signal Men and Shore Workers. These Laborers were under our Management even when the port trust took over. Now the laborers are still in contract at the port which makes it easier to conduct work in a suave movement. Our Middle Eastern office – Secura Aviation Logistics (SALOG KSA) having its headquarters located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia own expertise in exclusively handling Aviation and Defense Vertical Consignments for Blue Chip customers in the Middle East.

At SALOG, We strive build a capable & smooth organization to empower individuals and promote growth in involvement of Decision Making.


We are a one stop defense supply solution to our customers by providing components – spare parts and logistics services. In addition, there will be scope for manufacturing / production unit overseas – in the near future with JV from defense manufacturing companies.
We are capable of managing the global supply chain – from raw materials until the end user to disposition – for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, Combatant Commands and other Federal Agencies.
DSL also supplies military’s spare parts, components, troop support consumables, manages the reutilization of military equipment, provides catalogs, provides other logistics supports, information on products, offers document automation and production services to a host of military and defense sectors.
DSL consolidates requirements by supply chain and procures items in sufficient quantities to meet our customers’ projected needs. Many of DSL’s procured items are delivered directly from an OEM factory.
Currently, we are working on some new programs related DLS (Defense SUPPLY & LOGISTICS Sector), which includes supply chain in aviation sectors, spares and components to aviation clients in the Middle East region and also by designing and developing prototype products for customers in the defense sector.

SALOG is being trusted purely based on our service, know-how and vertical expertise
Our strong foundation, our ambition is to be among the most sustainable companies in the Global market, with close links between business strategy, brand value and sustainable activities which is also door opening opportunity for difference business verticals. We have executed trial shipments to our new client and they are very well satisfied with our services, supply commitment and competitive pricing with quality products - even during lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Upon request we managed to supply the samples of military camouflage uniform to our overseas customers, and other prototype components which was finalized only after going through several testing and quality compliance – we have manufactured and supplied to our overseas customers which was a key factor for our success story in terms of meeting the Time Line, Quality, Budget and Overseas Delivery during peak in the unfortunate pandemic.
The potential opportunities also shows how confident we are and that we will continue to grow our value, our efforts during the uncertain times to support our Clients, End Users. Furthermore, there are other items that are stored and distributed through a system of worldwide depots.

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